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SOMSIREN is a music series that I founded and started creating in 2017 with the intent to discover, share and enjoy music from all over the world. Tying threads between genres, cultural styles, trends and content, my mission is to cultivate a platform with a curated sound and aesthetic, catered to listeners with a diverse and unique palette. 

SOMSIREN, a word combining SOM (the Portuguese word for sound), and SIREN (from ancient Greek mythology) began in 1999 with mixtapes (and mix CD’s). The tradition has continued and morphed into lovingly-curated playlists posted every Thursday, alongside original photographs I take. I truly believe that in the modern world, with the way we consume music and art,  you can’t separate the audio from the visual. The photos I take are inspired by the music I’m incorporating in the playlist that week. It’s my way of contributing creatively to the music the artists have shared, it’s a nod back to them, and it continues to fuel my passion for photography, style and design.